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Joseph Decker


Special Agent Tutwiler and the Missing Blood Diamonds

After a thirty-five-year career with the FBI, Special Agent Thomas Tutwiler finds himself at a crossroads when he’s assigned to a case involving Washington cover-ups, multi-million-dollar diamond thefts, murder, and Russian crime rings.

Just when he starts to make progress, the Bureau’s retirement policy forces the weary veteran agent off the case and back into civilian life. He’s soon recruited in the private sector to use his investigative instincts to help track down a stolen experimental oil drilling rig, but when the FBI’s ongoing diamond investigation is mishandled by less-experienced agents, the Bureau calls him back into service to join an international task force.

Special agent Tutwiler’s worlds collide when the missing blood diamonds and missing oil rig both lead to a deadly showdown in France.

The Asphalt Road – A Novel

For centuries, life along the Rio Grande had been one of constant strife, oppression and upheaval. In the dusty, suffocating heat of the border between Texas and Mexico, Mayor John Charles Martains ruled the city of Laredo for twenty four years with a fearsome, iron grip that reached all the way to the nation’s capitol.

When the Mayor, known by locals as “El Patron,” is exposed by an outsider’s investigation into misuse of city funds, his one-man rule starts to unravel. Seen from the eyes of local residents who narrowly escaped his influence—a local independent businessman, a struggling salesman, a young Army volunteer and their families—the story of Laredo is about to take a turn that will change it forever.

Short Story Collections: Volume 1

In The Collectors, four friends go on a weekend outing to the desert with their metal detectors to hunt for artifacts. The tables are turned when they become the hunted and friendships, loyalties, and their personal safety is tested to the limit.

The Glow depicts an advanced society constantly being vigilant to a plague, that if detected, threatens their very existence and must be dealt with. 

The Stop Sign has a young salesman traveling from California to Texas through the southwest deserts to see his fiance and encounters some unexpected events. Not a believer in UFO’s or in the paranormal, he arrives a changed man and with a new respect for the unknown.

Short Story Collections: Volume 2

The Poster recounts the daily life struggles to survive of three orphaned young Mexican boys living in a border town. Being at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder, they are the forgotten ones but who seek a better life and who try to earn enough money to buy tickets to the bullfights which are held at the bullring every Sunday during the summer season.

Two warring colonies in The Battle fight for their survival and deal with unknown events that drastically reduce their numbers which are needed to defend their young and to continue their existence. 

Shootout at Chacon Creek (Circa 1958) describes an actual BB gun battle at a creek between two gangs of young boys. Caught in the open and at the bottom of the creek, one group finds a way to deal with and save themselves from a dangerous situation while at the same time, learning a valuable life lesson from the fight.

Joseph Decker, a native of Laredo, Texas, is an author of short stories, poetry and novels. A graduate of Texas A&M University, he has worked in the technology industry, owned a design and engineering firm, and retired from the University of Houston SBDC after 22 years of service assisting small business owners with their business issues and funding needs to grow their companies. He continues to write and share his thoughts on a wide range of topics—from historical to paranormal—here at www.joseph-decker.com.