The Asphalt Road – A Novel

For centuries, life along the Rio Grande had been one of constant strife, oppression and upheaval. In the dusty, suffocating heat of the border between Texas and Mexico, Mayor John Charles Martains ruled the city of Laredo for twenty four years with a fearsome, iron grip that reached all the way to the nation’s capitol.

When the Mayor, known by locals as “El Patron,” is exposed by an outsider’s investigation into misuse of city funds, his one-man rule starts to unravel. Seen from the eyes of local residents who narrowly escaped his influence—a local independent businessman, a struggling salesman, a young Army volunteer and their families—the story of Laredo is about to take a turn that will change it forever.

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Introducing Short Story Series, Books 1 and 2

Thank you for visiting my website. Some of my stories are described here to pique your interest. They are currently available for Amazon Kindle as Short Story Series, Book 1 and Book 2. Three sci-fi short stories are available in Book 1, and two fiction and one true-adventure short stories are in Book 2.

Soon to be added: Special Agent Thomas Tutweiler: The Case of the Missing Blood Diamonds, to be followed by a second short story in the series: Unfinished Business.

Hope you enjoy them!