China Wuhan Virus – 2020

Born and grown in China’s bio labs, then released
to do its deadly work.
Innocent travelers allowed on planes,
contaminated beings sent out to sow,
a deadly deed unknown to them and us.
Corona virus, what is that?

Wuhan Chinese residents cannot fly to visit the rest,
the killer virus then held back.
Chinese cities, towns and villages blacklisted, now they are safe.
A deadly scourge is stopped…so sorry, it’s too bad for the rest.

A deadly killer now loosened upon the world to do its deed,
innocents both young and old succumb against their will.
A sudden and tragic loss to those that love and care,
so, who will care for the rest…will it matter?

Country leaders around the world dismiss an act of war,
as Chinese money rules all shores. Money talks so let’s make deals,
who cares about ideals. So, get ready, we will send you more,
Covis-19 to decimate you all.

World citizens awaken to the plan, boycott China and its terror plot.
It’s blood money, its Chinese Communist Party, the CCP behind it all.
It is a pirate nation; it seeks to kill, to steal, to assassinate, to
contaminate and destroy us all…they don’t care…why is this so?

Be# 1 by 2025 to rule the world, and you and me…why is this?
A Chinese leader and the CCP, told them this…
for a Chinese fortune cookie told him so.
Corona virus what is this, now we know, for it is our foe.

Joseph A. Decker, Jr.
American – Katy, Texas USA