It’s Only Rain

When the rain comes dawn and hits you on the head,
You say to yourself it’s a day to stay in bed.
So you walk through the rain…till your all completely wet,
but you laugh to yourself…cause it’s not over yet.

Rain pours down maybe heavy maybe light,
Thunders last, but first you see the light.
Hitting the rooftops…like liquid falling stars,
Blinding the windows…on all the auto cars.

A drop for every person that dares walk on the street,
You pop open your umbrella…but what about your feet.
Sneezing up a cold as you finally make it home,
Reaching in the medicine cabinet…and instead out comes a comb.

If I Hate getting wet what do you think I feel for fish,
Standing by a street corner, a car goes by and splaiish.

R. Decker