My friends, the Silverfish

Ancient creatures alive today,
moving at night to find their way.
An insect, not an arachnid,
and moving with six legs, they.
quietly move themselves effortlessly
throughout the night

Without warning, a bright light exposes them to
us this time, only for them to run and hide.
Between the books and novels stored they move,
to run and hide themselves from us and light.

From book to book and novel to novel,
they zig and they zag to escape the threat.
A threat perceived but never there.

How quickly they move and how quickly they
hide, do they have to read and digest the works, or
they digest the work to simply live and breathe
another day.

My friends the silverfish, they come out at night,
as I move about to tum out the light.
Go back and dine on the works tonight,
my little friends…the silent and quiet silverfish.

Joseph A. Decker, Jr.