Reflections on Time

I wake and see the day,
and ponder my life as it has been.

My time on earth, controlled to
a point in future time.

Thoughts of others that came my way,
some good, some bad, and some unseen.

Actions on my soul, ingrained,
locked in for my mind to dine.

I ache as I leave my bed,
remembering youth how quickly gone.

My plans are made to regain the ground,
to face the day, for goals not reached.

I hear the news, a friend is dead,
flashes of events, they are not alone.

Hands before me, wrinkled and worn,
constant reminders, of things not yet beached.

I look for good, of offspring’s grown,
they hold and grasp me, relations born.

Lay down to sleep, I thank my God,
He guides my life, what can I say.

J. A. Decker, Jr.