The Dying Grass…

Underneath of the shaded trees
The Sun lights on the grass turns yellow thin
Do you know, in the fading of sun light,
Why the grass turned yellow and dying…???

The breeze put my old memories incense
Those young leaves of grass, away and reflected in your eyes
Soon they would have to be drying,
Then will be dying on the drying land!

Under the deserted sun porch
Rushing back on memories of sorrow
Fear of time passing by
As the rain and the sun will fade colors

Do you know out there is clear sky
Bowed my head in a darkness—deep inside
How to change for less complicated
How to remove problems of life…???

My beloved, don’t you know the grass is dying?
Because the burning sun—or because of the dried land
Because your ending love is also my life ended…?
As the grass dying, I wonder…do they know why???

Mac An, Pham Gia Ninh