The Story of Lee

Thrice below a space instead of once upon a time,
lived a man called lee.
He be called this because of his manliness,
or should we say he was manly.

One day he set in for sea, instead of setting out…
and all he saw when he reached the shore-was infinite, looking in or seeing out.
Into the water he went, for he did set in too sea, to see…or should we say to look.

The next day or should we say twoday, Lee looked down in a funny sort of way,
and saw a crab by his side…the crab was looking at Lee as it crawled sideways.

Lee spoke his mouth off…for his mind was higher than that of the crab,
after all the crab was crawling and Lee was standing, and this did give Lee a
higher look at things; can you see what I’m trying to say.

The crab left right on its way…Lee wondered,
did it leave mad, sad, or in a hurry; or did it leave sideways for a reason or two?

Befive the fourth day came (instead of before) making this the third day of thrice below a space;
Lee rather than to lie, decided to recline his thoughts of all that he saw…
now seeing all that he thinks…

Lee is now looking fifth to see what the fourth day at sea brings or leaves to look at;
You see!

R. Decker